Wellness Matters at NSCC – March 2021

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Spring is officially here! People have been sharing photos of first crocus blooms, the sunshine is warming our bones and the end of the term is in sight! There are plans to re-open the Atlantic Bubble, and increased vaccine rollouts – truly reasons to breathe a sigh of relief and hope.

Mixed with this, some people are recognizing a sense of hesitation to feel too invested in these anticipated events, taking an ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’ stance. This cautious view is not surprising, given the amount of time we have all been on a roller coaster of uncertainty, unable to predict our futures or make plans in the ways that we normally would. We have been honing our ability to take one day at a time, but what would it be like if we could stretch that even further, taking one moment at a time?

The more we can be in this moment, the more we open the door to true appreciation and experiencing. How many times have you been physically present for something, but mentally elsewhere, either ruminating over something in the past, or planning, worrying or even looking forward to something in the future? While anticipation can be pleasant, the moments we are guaranteed are the ones we are in, right now. I, like many, have a vested interest in the Atlantic Bubble 2.0, but if I focus my mental energy on that hoped-for future, I risk missing out on the gifts that are right in front of me: the smells of spring in the air, hearing the birds outside my window, seeing the plants starting to emerge in my garden, the company of friends who are here now… you get the picture.

This video of 3 year old Adia from BC includes her chatter to herself as she learns how to ski and navigate obstacles. It is essentially a master class in mindfulness: Adia gives voice to what she is observing and experiencing moment by moment, including pep talks, and even greeting a cutout monster she cruises past. I’m taking a page from Adia, trying to notice and name what is right in front of me more often, saying hey to the monsters but not inviting them along for the ride.

Other news:

Because our calendars do still matter 😉, an upcoming event to note: March 31st is the International Day of Trans Visibility. NSCC offers a self-paced online workshop on Supporting Transgender Students and Employees, featuring Nolan Pike, an engaging and knowledgeable educator on Trans issues. To register for this workshop, click here.  


Laurie Baird, Mental Wellness Coordinator

[email protected]