5 reasons to apply for NSCC student awards

Young man using his laptop while sitting on the couch in the student lounge

Matt Currie
Student Awards Associate

On September 21, the application period opened for fall in-course scholarships and bursaries. In total, $275,000 will be awarded to about 200 NSCC students. Applying for financial aid is yet another task to add your high stack of things to do as a student at this time of year, but investing the time and effort into completing an application can really pay off. As an example, if you apply and it takes you four hours in total and you are lucky enough to be selected for an award valued at $1000 (average amount), that would mean you have earned $250 per hour of your time!

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should apply for student awards:

Our scholarships and bursaries will help you cover your tuition and college fees. A reduction in these expenses could mean you have more funds to help cover your living costs and/or you do not have to borrow as much as you thought.

If you have shopped online, you are in luck because the same steps are involved. You can search for awards, add all that you want to apply for to an awards list, and complete one application to be considered for all that you are eligible for.

Receiving a student award can be a great addition to your portfolio. What prospective employer wouldn’t like to see you have been selected for an award?

The questions asked on the awards application force you to look inward. Learning how to articulate your answers can help you sell yourself in future awards applications, educational pursuits, cover letters, and job interviews.

NSCC has different criteria for awards – financial need, academics, leadership, and career interest are some examples. There is something for everyone!

Are you convinced? The application period closes on October 19 at 5pm. If you want to learn how to create an award-winning submission, check out my blog on the 5 ways to make your student awards application stand out.