NSCC Student Services and You

At NSCC, offering students a quality college experience is our top priority! Throughout the year,

Student Services works hard to bring you important programs and services to make sure you get the most out of college life. We offer services in many areas to assist you in meeting your personal learning and development goals.

By now, you have been assigned a student services advisor who is your resource for support and advice as you pursue your studies at NSCC.  Advisors work with you in making decisions, solving problems, evaluating skills, and setting goals.

Student Services Advisors, African Canadian and Indigenous advisors can help you:

  • Understand the requirements of your program and relevant policies, guidelines, and regulations
  • Set clear, realistic and achievable goals in line with your education and career interests
  • Identify strategies and resources to help you develop learning and professional skills
  • Access learning supports, academic accommodations, and programs (e.g. tutoring)
  • Problem-solve life and school situations that may be impacting your learning at NSCC
  • Get involved in student life activities to build valuable employment and leadership skills
  • Make informed plans about paying for school and identify possible sources of funding

My advice – be open to the experience and ready to engage. Take the time to really prepare yourself financially, mentally, socially, and intellectually – for what’s to come. Use your free NSCC Student Handbook to familiarize yourself with the tools and resources at your disposal, and complete the financial planning exercises to prepare for what’s to come and avoid undue stress later on.

Your commitment to making the most of this new adventure will be key to achieving your academic and career objectives. By reading this post, you are already well on your way. Good luck and welcome to NSCC!

Elizabeth Yeo
Director, Student Services