Get Involved with the NSCC Student Association

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NSCC Student Association – At the Heart of Student Life!

By Mike LePage, Student Life Assistant

Welcome to NSCC! We’re sure that you are excited, nervous, inspired, stressed – among other feelings – as you get ready to take the next step in your academic journey and toward your career goals.

Something that we’re all aware of is how overwhelming this can all be, especially in the beginning. This is a new environment for you, with a lot of expectations from your instructors and of course from yourself. While none of us are immune to stress, it’s important that we recognize that too much of it isn’t good and can have a real impact on your mental health, your academic performance, and many other aspects of your life, both on campus and at home. We want to be able to promote a healthy work/life balance that allows you to be able to focus on your studies while being able to take necessary breathers whenever you need to. And that is where your Student Association comes in.

The NSCC Student Association is a provincial organization that serves all of the NSCC campuses across the province. Each campus has its own Student Association made of students who serve on the Executive Committee and the Student’s Council. These groups serve the student body and work to promote health and wellness, balanced lifestyles, and campus wide communication. And the best part? You can get involved too!

This fall each campus will be holding elections for the available Executive positions. You can visit to see which positions are available at your campus. Typically, this role requires about 5 – 7 hours per week, depending on the size of your campus, how many other executives there are, and other factors. But that’s not the only way to get involved – you can also be a program representative on the Student’s Council. You will serve as the voice of the students in your specific program of study and help the council make decisions about events, funding, advocacy, and more. And the time commitment is only 1-2 hours a month! You could even become an Ambassador for your campus and offer your time on a per event basis. There are even coordinator positions that each campus hires for, such as foodbank coordinator or events coordinator. There are many ways for you to get involved and help create a great college experience for yourself and your peers!

What will you get out of it? The opportunity to build skill such as event organization and planning, public speaking, time management, financial management, advocacy, and the list goes on! All this and you’ll have the opportunity to make a real impact on your campus by providing valuable events and services to your student body that will help them to maintain that important balance between their school and real lives. You’ll be helping to give them that breather they may need in the middle of a hectic week by providing a coffee break, or a yoga class, or a mindfulness moment. You’ll be making a big difference for them and for yourself.

Sound interesting? Want to learn more about how you can get involved with your SA? Come visit us at and learn more about these exciting opportunities!